CLAIB 2019 - VIII Latin American Conference on Biomedical Engineering

Chair program welcome note
Dear participants,

It is a great pleasure for the Sociedad Mexicana de Ingeniería Biomédica (SOMIB) and for the Consejo Regional de Ingeniería Biomédica para América Latina (CORAL) to be the host societies and organizers of the VIII Congreso Latinoamericano de Ingeniería Biomédica (CLAIB) and XLII Congreso Nacional de Ingeniería Biomédica (CNIB 2019). The CLAIB-CNIB19 is scheduled for October 2-5, and to be held in Cancún, Mexico.

The CLAIB - CNIB19 will promote the interaction and exchange of ideas, knowledge, experiences and research findings in Biomedical Engineering and related fields. Likewise, the Conference will generate a discussion forum to identify trends and international needs in the field, as well as the promotion of collaborations between different biomedical engineers, and other related professionals in the area. Besides the latest research outcomes and technological advancements, the CLAIB – CNIB19 will also focus on additional aspects of health care, such as the health technology regulation and evaluation.

We look forward to welcoming you in Cancún México, is a beautiful and rich nature place, we are sure that the CLAIB - CNIB19 you will find a wide range of symposium topics of interest to the Biomedical Engineering community at large.

On behalf of the Scientific Committee

Prof. César A González

Chair Program CNIB and CLAIB 2019
Instituto Politécnico Nacional – México.

Prof. Christian Chapa González

Co-Chair Program CNIB and CLAIB 2019
Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez-México

CLAIB 2019 Cancún

Important Dates

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Committe claib 2019

Scientific Committe

Prof. César A González

Chair Program CNIB and CLAIB 2019
Instituto Politécnico Nacional – México.

Prof. Christian Chapa González

Co-Chair program
Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez-México


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Session Coordinators - CLAIB 2019.

 Prof. Eric Laciar Leber
Universidad Nacional de San Juan-Argentina

 Prof. Hugo Abraham Vélez Pérez
Universidad de Guadalajara -México

 Prof. Norma Patricia Puente Ramírez
Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León-México

 Prof. Dora Luz Flores Gutiérrez
Universidad Autónoma de Baja California-México

 Prof. Adriano O. Andrade
Universidade Federal de Uberlândia-Brazil

 M. en C. Héctor A. Galván Espinoza
Instituto Nacional de Cancerología-México

 M. en C. Fabiola Martínez Licona
Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-México

 Prof. Pedro Berthemes Filho
Universidad de Santa Catarina-Brazil

 Prof. Alexander Golberg
Universidad de Tel Aviv-Israel

 Renato Garcia Ojeda
Universidad de Santa Catarina - Brasil


Competition Coordinators

 Dra. Citlalli Jessica Trujillo Romero
Student Paper Competition coordinator
Instituto Nacional de Rehabilitación-México

 Prof. Aldo Rodrigo Mejía Rodríguez
Scientific Challenge Coordinator
Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí-México

 Amanda Ortiz Zitle
Prototipos Reto Innovahealth Contest Coordinator
Universidad Politécnica de Pachuca.

Organizing Committee

Committee claib 2019

Organizing Committee


 Francisco Javier Aceves Aldrete - Chair


 Ana Luz Portillo Hernández - Co-Chair


 Dora Luz Flores Gutiérrez - Co-Chair


 Elliot Vernet Saavedra


 Carlos Graniel Tamayo - Chair

 Paulina Correa Ramírez – Co-Chair


Organizing Committee - CLAIB 2019.



 Herberth Bravo Hernández - Chair


 Ivette Patrón Villegas - Co-Chair


 Lilian Paredes - Chair

 Mariana Tarin - Co-Chair

 Daniel Gonzalez - Co-Chair

 Gerardo Ames - Co-Chair


 Corporativo Zaynic - Chair

 Judith González - Graphic Designer

 Alexa Ruano - Administrative support

Workshops CNIB 2019

Preconference activities

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Talleres CNIB 2019